Marine Research in Indonesia

MARINE RESEARCH IN INDONESIA (MRI) has been published since 1956 by Indonesia's oldest marine research institute - the Research Center for Oceanography of LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences). MRI focuses on physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanographic research in the Indonesian seas and their adjacent waters (e.g. the Indian and Pacific Oceans). MRI accommodates Research Articles (at least 5 printed pages); Reviews (state-of-the-art evaluations of defined research areas; up to 15 printed pages); Notes or Short Communication (brief reports of important new information deserving priority publication or important personal views on emerging topics; up to 4 printed pages); Comments (critical, fair assessments of published works) and Reply Comments (replies to comments; normally 2 to 3 printed pages). In some occasions, MRI also publishes special issues on topics related to marine and maritime studies (up to 10 printed pages). MRI is published twice a year in June and December.
  • ISSN: 0216-2873 (print) and 2443-2008 (online)
  • Accreditation Number: 535/AU2/P2MI-LIPI/06/2013 (June 2013-June 2016); 329/E/2016 (May 2016-May 2018)

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Vol 42, No 1 (2017): In Press

Table of Contents


Zainal Arifin, Dede Falahudin
Lisa Fajar Indriana, Muhammad Firdaus, . Supono, Hendra Munandar
A'an J. Wahyudi, Mochamad R. Iskandar, Hanny Meirinawati, . Afdal, Indra B. Vimono, Nur F. Afianti, Oksto R. Sianturi, Ismiliana Wirawati, Yeti Darmayati, . Helfinalis, Tumpak Sidabutar